Hon’ble Minister for Education Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk interacted with the student-members and responded to various questions.

Lyonpo highlighted on the various initiatives of the education such as the central schools, curriculum and teacher development.

The Hon’ble Education Minister in his speech emphasized on three main pillars necessary for one’s personal developments in preparing oneself for the future. He said as young and productive youth, it is very important to firstly be responsible, as being a responsible self is the start for being a productive individual. He said you should be responsible for yourself, you should be responsible for your own development and you should be responsible for your future.

Secondly he said respect is a very integral part of any individual. Respect is the basis for a good and quality relationship. He stressed that respect, intelligence and cooperation have to go together hand in hand in whatever we do in our lives be it at home with family or at our work places or anywhere. Being a courteous and respectful individual will create a happy and joyful environment wherever you are.

Thirdly he said it is very important to be resilient. There is a solution to every problem, it is just how you perceive it and how you deal with it. That there is a solution to everything and any problem can be solved. Therefore it is very important that we stay resilient and be strong enough to face problems and overcome it.

Finally a responsible, respectful and resilient person will have a clear path for his future and that everyone should keep in mind these three basic components so as to be able to help you in your personality development for a better future.

Sherig Lyonpo Interacts with the Members of BCP