The Opening of  Second Session of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament was graced by the His Excellency the Chief Justice of Bhutan, Royal Court of Justice of Bhutan. His Excellency highlighted that the laws of the country is to regulate the conduct of Societies and its pledge to endeavor in perpetuating public trust and confidence in the justice delivery system and the rule of law of Bhutan. Myth is not a Rights in the Bhutanese Democratic System.

His Excellency reiterated the His Majesty that: “Law is like the air we breathe, its presence is unnoticed but its absence and bad laws will be lethal. Adherence to laws brings about discipline and order in society, ensuring peace and trust amongst people. Therefore, we must all respect law, and law must be upheld without question just as we do not question the need to breathe.”

Opening of Second Session of BCP Graced by His Excellency The Chief Justice of Bhutan