The Election Commission of Bhutan, with support from Save the Children Bhutan Office, recently fielded a team on a learning visit to Edinburgh, Scotland where the 62nd Sitting of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) was being held on 25th to 26th March 2017. The Team led by Election Commissioner Deki Pema comprised of six Members of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament (MBCPs), three ECB officials and an official from Save the Children Bhutan Office.

The purpose is to strengthen the Bhutan Children’s Parliament through exposure to good practices around the world besides building the confidence of the MBCPs and gaining from the widening of perspectives and deepening of insights into the functioning of other children and youth parliaments.

The group had the opportunity to address, observe and interact closely with the children and youth as well as the officials of both the Scottish Children and Youth Parliaments. The group was also able to make an educative visit to the Democratic Center of the Election Commission of Thailand enroute.

Overall, the visit was a truly learning opportunity and an exciting experience for all the team members. A number of recommendations have been submitted for further development of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament as a meaningful and relevant forum to educate our future leaders and ultimately deepen democracy.

Media Unit
Election Commission of Bhutan

Learning Visit To The 62nd Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) Sitting, Edinburgh, Scotland