The Democracy Clubs act as a Mini-Election Commission to conduct elections and organize events and activities that promote understanding of the Bhutanese electoral system and processes, democratic governance and institutions, and encourage student participation in school or educational institution’s decision-making process.To institute the Democracy Club in schools and to become a member of Democracy Club, it depends on the individual child’s interest and volunteerism. The first Democracy Clubs was born in the year 2013 at Trashitse Higher Secondary School in Trashigang Dzongkhag. The summary information of Democracy Club is as follows;

Year 2015

  1. Total Democracy Clubs: 154
  2. Total Registered Member: 4207

Year 2016

  1. Total Democracy Clubs: 175
  2. Total Registered Member: 5548

Year 2017

  1. Total Democracy Clubs: 2015
  2. Total Registered Member: 7193